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5 Reasons to Buy a Bike This Christmas


Bikes are great: they’re fun, they keep you fit, they don’t pollute. And they’re as practical as they are enjoyable- bikes can be used for recreation, transportation, perspiration…you name it. So this Christmas why buy them another tool set or pair of socks they may or may not need when you can make their bicycle dreams come true? No matter what’s on their list, chances are, what they really want is a bicycle. Here are 5 convincing reasons why…

1. Nostalgia Always Wins

Back in the day, getting a bicycle for Christmas was the Holy Grail of the Holidays. And even though lots of things (gas prices for instance) have changed, the undeniable appeal of a shiny new bike parked under the Christmas tree hasn’t. That magical moment when they come down the stairs Christmas morning and see the new bike you bought them is going to be worth every cent you could have spent on a flat-screen TV. There will always something special about a bike.

2. It’s Actually Useful


Stop wondering if they’ll really use your gift and start thinking all the ways they can use it! If they want to commute on it, they can. If they want to loose some weight, they can. If they just want to ride the bike path with the family, they can. A bike has as many functions as that multi-tool you give them every year. And it’s much harder to misplace.

3. Easily Accessorized

Don’t want to fill their stocking with tons of junk they probably couldn’t care less about? Get them accessories for their new bike. A bell, water bottle cage, mirror, a cell phone mount…the possibilities are endless. Although it’s a little too big for a stocking, an indoor trainer will allow them to ride year-round regardless of temperature or weather. Cool-weather clothing like a jacket or gloves will keep them warm on chilly day rides. For those warmer days when your loved one is more likely to spend longer on their bike rides during the day and into the early evening, a simple custom-fit shirt (read more here for information) will never go amiss. It can also be used for other exercise activities as well as biking, so it won’t go to waste. And if you’re feeling lazy, a gift card is never wrong.

4. Makes Fitness Fun

Bikes are an astonishingly easy way to get exercise. You pedal, you burn calories. Simple as that. And cycling is super low-impact which means less wear and tear on joints and the like. So when January rolls around and brings aspirations of a healthy lifestyle with it; you’ll have already equipped them to meet their fitness goals- without expending money on a gym membership they’ll probably won’t even use.

5. The Gift That Keeps Giving

Bikes are sustainable; some simple maintenance and upkeep are all you need to keep the bike of their dreams riding smoothly and safely for years to come. And many bike shops will offer free tune-up packages with bike purchases (ours is Free Tune-Ups for Three Years) which makes it easy to keep their new ride going strong. So well that new iPhone or gaming system is probably going to be outdated and not quite as novel in a year or two, a quality bike can provide years of enjoyment. So yes, a bike is the perfect gift.

Make their dreams come true this Christmas- give a bike!

-Allie F.