Sun Flat Top Unicycle 24″


The Sun Flat Top Classic frame design shares a similar component spec to the Classic but its look certainly speaks for itself. This unique frame design adds stiffness at the crown to help resist flex during maneuvers and gives freesylers another foot hold. Available in the always popular 20″ & 24″ wheel sizes to serve a wide range of fit.

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  • Rugged Flat Top high tensile steel frame
  • Lightweight anodized alloy wheels
  • Long lasting sealed bearing hub
  • Classic unicycle saddle with front and rear scuff guards
  • Secure single-bolt seat post clamp
  • Fast-rolling street tread


All of our bicycles come with 1 Year of Free Tune-Ups which includes our Level 1 Tune-Up. So for 1 year, you have free brake and gear adjustments, drive train lubrication, wheel straightening and tire inflation. And even after 1 year, you’ll never have to pay full price for a tune-up again; all bicycles purchased from us receive 30% off any tune-up from October 1st to March 1st!