ICE Adventure HD 26″


Enjoy the relaxed pace of recumbent cycling on a beautifully designed, luxurious, ICE Adventure. Cruise the open road, discover hidden trails and explore new horizons. With a high riding position and upright seat, the Adventure is easy to use and gives a great view of the trail ahead.

ICE Adventure trikes have a wide range of options, including rear wheel size, suspension, frame type, and components. All trikes are built individually to order, so you can specify your perfect trike. Look at the Popular Trikes area to see customers’ favourite configurations. Go to the Build your Trike area to choose your trike, options and accessories.

Interested in this trike? Looking for a specific size or color? For availability on this recumbent and many more, give us a call at (614)478-7777! 


Check out how the ICE Adventure HD 26 compares to other ICE models here:

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All of our bicycles come with 3 Years of Free Tune-Ups which includes our Level 1 Tune-Up. So for 3 years, you have free brake and gear adjustments, drive train lubrication, tire inflation, and minor wheel straightening!

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