2019 Boyd Cycling 44mm Clincher Front Wheel Only

$710.00 $599.99

44mm-Perfect balance between weight and aero.

Light. To be ultra responsive and capable climbers. Strong. To tame dirt roads and Belgian cobbles. Aero. To master 40 MPH sprints. Stable to hold line in 30 knot winds. 44’s are the go to wheel set when you only want to have one set of wheels for all training and racing conditions.

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The 44mm clincher is the all purpose carbon wheelset. No matter what type of riding you are doing, the 44mm depth with improved aerodynamic profile will be a great option for you. It’s a great wheel set for climbing, descending, windy conditions, races, and even training. With the mid-depth aero rim height and improved design to handle the crosswinds these can be used even in very windy areas. With the low weight of the wheels they are a great climbing wheel set and on the opposite side of that climb the wider rim profile will make for great handling when flying down a descent.

Rim depth – 44mm
Rim width – 27mm
Inner width – 19mm
Rim weight – 465 grams

We offer two spoke counts on all of our wheel sets. This is because not everybody has the same demands in a wheel set and to say that one wheel build will work for everybody just isn’t true. A 120 pound female triathlete is going to have much different demands in a wheel compared to a 200 pound masters crit racer who wants to use the wheels for everyday training and racing. So we offer the builds in options that will maximize both durability and performance. Going with the higher spoke count only adds about 40 grams to the weight of the wheels (less than half the weight of an empty water bottle), but will make for stronger, stiffer, and more durable wheels. If you are a larger, more powerful rider, and planning on using the wheels for years to come, you will want that added durability.

Free Skewers included
Free Rim Strips included
Free Onyx Carbon Brake Pads included
*Weight limit – 220 pounds 20/24 – 250 pounds 24/28
*Spoke count recommendation – under 180 pounds 20/24 – 180 pounds and over 24/28
*You do not need valve extenders if you are using an inner tube with a 60mm or longer valve.


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